Storage King Self Storage

Cockburn, WA

Early Contractor Involvement

  • Client: Tembo Property Group
  • Type: Shopping Centres & Retaill
  • Value: $7.2M
  • Duration: 40 Weeks
  • Size: 6,600m²
Tembo Property Group

The Cockburn Self Storage was a 3 storey structure made up of a 1,300m2 basement, 2,300m2 ground floor & a 2,900m2 first floor.

Lanskey was involved from the early stages, engaged under a Design and Construct basis. Continuing a successful partnership between Tembo Property Group and Lanskey Constructions the appointment of Lanskey at early stages is the “most efficient, timely and cost effective” approach for the client.

A major challenge of this site was its close proximity to neighbouring property structures. For this reason, the Eastern boundary of the site had to be stabilised by means of cementitious grout injection to a depth of 5 meters to allow basement excavation and construction.

The building structure itself was generally made up of concrete slabs (480m3 fibre reinforced basement slab & traditional slab on ground and suspended slabs for the remainder). The internal fit out was built using a storage solution system which integrated and worked with the structural steel frame.