CH2 Pharmaceutical Facility

Mt Louisa, Townsville, QLD

Design & Construct

  • Client: Gibb Group
  • Type: Health, Community & Education
  • Duration: 26 Weeks
  • Size: 2000m2
  • Value: $3.6M
  • Completed: February, 2021
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Design and Construct of a temperature controlled pharmaceutical storage and distribution warehouse and office for Clifford Hallam Healthcare (CH2)

The CH2 facility was built specifically for storage and distribution of pharmaceutical materials. Our client brief required it to be fully insulated, temperature monitored and controlled with standby emergency generator power, cool-room and freezer, rapid roll doors for external access and a secure vault.

To meet our clients needs for a cost effective base design and flexibility, the warehouse was divided into 2 seperate spaces afforded by the design, installation and certification of a lightweight fire rated wall and sliding doors that provide access between the seperate warehouse spaces. Additional in-ground fire services were installed to future proof the development.

Our client and tenant were extremely pleased with the result and the Lanskey Team’s management of the D & C challenges this project posed.