Blackport, QLD

Construction Management

  • Client: BP
  • Type: Airport, Logistics, Port & Infracstructure
  • Value: $70M
  • Duration: 30 Months
  • Completed: January, 2013
  • Size: 2 ha (site)

BP engaged Lanskey Constructions through their Construction Management Partnering Agreement to undertake the construction of a new Bitumen and Marine Oil Import terminal (greenfield) and construction of a new Bitumen Blowing unit within an operational plant (Brownfield). This also included a new barge berth and the upgrade of the product wharf. Being a value added process proved very important in the ongoing relationship between BP & Lanskey.

The principle construction area was approximately 2 hectares along the Brisbane River embankment meaning that strict adherence and measures needed to be put into place to avoid environmental contamination of the river. Lanskey implemented stand alone wash out areas, concrete recycling and on site filtration systems to treat existing catchment areas along with swale drains and bio-retention systems.

To minimise fire risk Lanskey installed Earthing systems, trailing leads and gas monitoring. This ensured minimised risk for static charge and ignition of fuel vapours. Since lifting over existing pipelines was not permitted, Lanskey ensured intricately planned works were undertaken to minimise unproductive manoeuvring around site . As with every challenge, BP & Lanskey worked as one team for a successful outcome.